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Ian Harris

Parallels For Mac Student Version

As a student, you may be up to your ears in financial costs associated with finishing school. You can reduce your hardware costs and avoid purchasing a PC with Parallels Desktop for Mac. No need to buy an additional computer to pass a class.

Parallels For Mac Student Version

Download Zip:

Currently, the standard version of Parallels Desktop for Mac is the only product version that is qualified for a 50% off education discount. Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition and Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition do not qualify for an education discount.

Note: Parallels Desktop for Mac emulates PC hardware, so operating systems that are not present in this list can work as well. You can download the Parallels Desktop trial and install an operating system of your choice. If it doesn't work and you believe it should be supported, let us know at Parallels Forum. Parallels Tools for Linux require X Window System version 1.15-1.20 and Linux Kernel version 2.6.29-5.18 RC1.

Students save up to 50% on the Standard or Pro version of Parallels Desktop for Mac. Run Windows on your Intel or Apple M-series Mac without rebooting. Includes 40+ one-touch tools to simplify everyday tasks.

Are curious about how other students are virtualizing with Parallels Desktop for Mac? You can run popular Windows programs on your Mac without restarting, such as AutoCAD SolidWorks and Microsoft Office.

We love to show off how cool the Parallels Desktop users are! Learn about how a mechanical engineering student at Auburn University saves both time and money by running SolidWorks on Mac through Parallels Desktop.

The academic version of Parallels Desktop for Mac is available for enrolled college/university students as well as the teaching staff via the Parallels website. The Student and Educator Edition is a discounted 1-year Parallels Desktop subscription of Parallels Desktop Standard or Pro edition (the selected edition will affect the price).

On this version of Parallels Desktop 18 an extra high discount is applied since it's ment for educational use only. This version can't be used bysomeone who's not a student or teacher. Parallels checks this before the installation. Parallels Desktop 18 Student version is an annual subscription with which you can enjoy all Parallels functionalities for a year.

The Student version is only suitable for students and teachers. Parallels checks this before installation. There is an extra high discount on this version. The Standard version is suitable for all users. Do you wish to get the most out of your Virtual Machine? Then choose the Pro version.

Choose a monthly or annual licence to always stay up-to-date. With a monthly or annual licence, you will always have access to all updates at no additional cost and may upgrade to the latest version of this product immediately when available. When the licence period expires, the product stops working automatically and needs to be renewed.

A one-time purchase never needs to be renewed. You may use the product unlimitedly and always and you will also get all updates for that version, but you cannot upgrade for free when a newer version of this product is released.

Note, this installation requires a Windows 10 install ISO. Windows 10 is available to current students for free via Microsoft Azure. Please see this page if you have not yet downloaded the Windows ISO: InterPro - Online Learning - InterPro Credit Learners - How to Download Windows 11 Education via Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Parallels Desktop offers Standard, Pro, and Business editions of its software. The Standard edition, which is intended for home users, costs either a one-time permanent-license fee of $99.99, or $79.99 per year for a subscription. Students can get the Standard edition for $39.99 per year. The subscription includes any upgrades to new versions of the software during the payment period, while anyone who buys a permanent license option is not eligible for free version updates. The Pro and Business editions cost $99.99 per year. You can try any version free for 14 days.

VMware Fusion is pricier than Parallels Desktop. It charges $149 for the standard Player edition and $199 for the Pro version. Upgrades to the latest version of the Player edition for current users cost $79, while upgrades for Pro users to the latest Pro version cost $99. Notably, VMware offers a free version that lets you run existing emulated systems, but not create new ones.

On a Mac with an Intel CPU, you can create virtual systems that run any Intel-based Windows or Linux versions, plus any recent Intel-based versions of macOS from your recovery partition. On these devices, the download menu includes multiple flavors of Android, Linux, and Windows.

Active Harvard students, faculty, and staff are eligible for free and discounted software and hardware. In addition to these general perks and discounts, we encourage you to explore the IT services and tools available to your specific role and school affiliation at Harvard.

Thankfully, Parallels Desktop 18 finally seems to have solved these problems, and now includes the ability to download and buy the ARM version of Windows 11 directly within Parallels itself. All you need to do is:

Over the years Parallels Desktop has gained a wealth of feature that take advantage of the fact that multiple operating systems can run side by side. For example, version 17 improved the ability to copy and paste text and graphics between Windows and Mac apps, and you can drag and drop images into Windows directly from Mac applications like Photos and Safari, too.

Incidentally, you can run more than just Windows using Parallels. There are a number of supported operating systems, many of which are free to download and use, such as BSD Unix, Ubuntu, Debian and different versions of Linux. Over the years Parallels have improved support for these operating systems and made behind-the-scenes improvements that can help you to manage multiple virtual machines.

There is no doubt that most people using Parallels though are doing so to run Windows on their Mac and Parallels has made it super-easy to upgrade older Windows VMs to the latest version in just a few clicks.

However, running Windows has become more problematic since Apple switched from Intel to its own ARM-based M-series of chips. The X86 version of Windows will not run on ARM. Luckily there is a ARM version of Windows, and luckily, as we said above, Parallels Desktop 18 makes it easier for users to get hold of this illusive version of the operating system.

Wharton Computing recommends students on a Mac who need access to a Windows environment do so via Virtual Lab service. The virtual lab provides access to the same applications found on our public computers, in a secure environment. Click here for details about our Virtual Labs service.

For a select few of our offers, there's no code involved, you have exclusive access to the discount site without needing our student discountcode at checkout. These include brands like Samsung or Apple, for example.

Use this version to upgrade an older PC computer to the latest version of Windows or install it directly on a new system build. You can also use this version with BootCamp or Parallels Desktop for Mac computers, allowing the system to run MacOS and Windows simultaneously for greater compatibility.

Be aware that when you install Windows in Parallels, you become vulnerable to Windows viruses (on the virtual machine and the files it can access), so make sure you protect yourself. A trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security is included, or install your security software of choice.

Parallels has added a number of new features to version 17. According to the release notes from Parallels, those include optimized performance for macOS Monterey, Intel, and Apple M1 chip, better graphics, and faster Windows resume time.

Transferring a previously-installed version of Windows is the least-recommended option, as it can lead to licensing issues or driver problems. In my case, I purchased a shrink-wrapped version of Windows 10 Home from a store. The price was the same as downloading from Microsoft: $179 Aussie dollars.

You can install macOS from your recovery partition or a disk image. You can also install older versions of OS X if you still have the installation DVDs or disk images. I chose to install macOS from my recovery partition.

No, it isn\u2019t freeware though a full-featured 14-day trial is available. There are three versions of the app to consider. You\u2019ll also have to pay for Microsoft Windows and your Windows applications if you don\u2019t already own them.

The last major update to Parallels was in Parallels 15 which was a big step-up from previous versions of Parallels because it finally supported DirectX 11 and Apple Metal API which allowed Mac users to play Windows only games such as FIFA, Age of Empires and Fallout.

One of the most useful touches in recent versions of Parallels has been the improved drag and drop support which now allows you to easily drag and drop text and images into macOS Monterey Quick Note from Windows apps.

Parallel cannot slow down your mac. False! Significant lag (like 1994 slow) when running Parallels. I shut down the mac and do not reopen parallels and the mac is just fine. But when I use Parallels, the mac will significantly lag and slow. I have an M1 Mac with not much installed on it , 8gb RAM and plenty of HD space.

I do need to buy a new laptop and since almost all software i use runs on Mac I really want it to be a MacBook again. But.I really need to run Dialux Evo. Can you tell me, with this new Parallels version, if this is possible and maybe tell me what MacBook version (Intel or M) would be the best choice?




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