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Noli Me Tangere Pdf Tagalog Download Torrent

Noli Me Tangere PDF Tagalog Download Torrent

Noli Me Tangere (Latin for "Touch Me Not") is a novel by Dr. José Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. It was first published in 1887 in Berlin, Germany. The novel depicts the social and political conditions of the Philippines under Spanish colonial rule, and exposes the abuses and corruption of the friars and the government. It also portrays the love story of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara, and the tragic fate of Elias, a revolutionary who sacrifices himself for his country.

The novel is considered as one of the most influential works of Philippine literature, and has inspired many other writers and movements. It is also one of the most widely read and studied books in Filipino schools and universities. However, not everyone can access or afford a printed copy of the novel, especially in its original language of Spanish. Fortunately, there are several online sources where one can download a PDF version of the novel in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines.

Download File:

One of these sources is Project Gutenberg, a website that offers free ebooks of public domain works. Project Gutenberg has a Tagalog translation of Noli Me Tangere by Pascual H. Poblete, a renowned writer and journalist who was also a friend of Rizal. The translation was first published in 1909, and is faithful to the original text. The PDF file can be downloaded from this link: [Project Gutenberg].

Another source is, a website that provides access to historical and cultural materials. has a scanned copy of the same translation by Poblete, which was donated by Project Gutenberg. The PDF file can be viewed or downloaded from this link: [].

A third source is, a website that allows researchers to share their academic papers and books. has a PDF file of Noli Me Tangere in Tagalog that was uploaded by an anonymous user. The file seems to be based on the translation by Poblete, but with some minor changes and corrections. The PDF file can be downloaded from this link: [].

These are some of the websites where one can download a PDF version of Noli Me Tangere in Tagalog for free. However, one should be careful when downloading files from unknown sources, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer or device. It is also advisable to use a reliable antivirus software and a VPN service to protect your privacy and security online.

Noli Me Tangere is a masterpiece of Philippine literature that deserves to be read and appreciated by every Filipino. By downloading a PDF version of the novel in Tagalog, you can enjoy reading it anytime and anywhere, and learn more about your history and culture.




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