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Ian Harris
Ian Harris

Be2works 142 23

Hi,Albert,some news:I successfully soldered my cp2112 for the second time (needed a microscope to verify soldering) with a new chip .Comparing the results with silabs adapter,i saw that be2works 1.39 does not read any battery,neither the adapter was!.I reinstalled a demo version (1.25) on a pc ...and i could read an asus battery with the 2 adapters:strange behavior of the software,isn't it?gerald

Be2works 142 23

i have the cp2112 adapter and i have the be2works 4.39 version which have only ten chips. but the issue is if connect the battery with bq8030 chips and all other chip it does not recognise it but the chip is in the software but the only one working so far is the bq208x series so please do you have any idea i am stranded so please if you have any idea please help me.

hello, from Mexico, i have a cp2112 and be2works 4,40 i cant read a toshiba pack l305d , just read txt file, but if i want read firmware sends me a access violation address , please help me, thanks for your time




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