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[S1E3] Cover Me

Which songs from this list will you be adding to your playlist? Are some old favorites you forgot about or have you discovered some new jams? Tell Me Lies episode 4 arrives Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 12:01 a.m. ET, only on Hulu.

[S1E3] Cover Me

Max enters into the Principal's office and rewinds time before the explosion occurred, allowing Chloe inside the room when she unlocks the door. While in there, Max fishes information from the student files of Nathan, Kate and Rachel, while Chloe finds disturbing material on the Principal's computer, including the cover up of Nathan's flagging grades, David Madsen's activities, and a mysterious drawing that reads "Rachel in the dark room" written over and over.

She spends the night at her house and the next morning, as Max attempts to get dressed, she discovers that her clothes are still wet and smell of chlorine. Chloe suggests Max try on the clothes Rachel left in her closet, as they should fit her. When Max expresses uncertainty of about herself, Chloe attempts to encourage her and dares Max to kiss her. Max may or may not fall for Chloe's goad before she heads downstairs.

Wanting to investigate the garage, Chloe distracts Joyce by starting an argument with her. Joyce, distracted by her daughter's behavior, pays no attention to Max who excuses herself to "use the bathroom". Max waits until Joyce's back is turned and enters the garage. Max decides to investigate David's laptop and searches the garage for a possible password. Max manages to find the password to David's laptop and discovers that Rachel Amber was romantically involved with Frank Bowers.

When Max travels back to the present, she is shocked to discover she is now friends with Victoria Chase and a member of the Vortex Club. Her friend, Warren was now in relationship with Stella Hill. Dreading the worst has happened to Chloe, she boards the bus, and discovers David Madsen is the school's driver. When she visits the Price Household, she learns William is alive and well. Happy to see her, he calls for Chloe. Chloe arrives to the front door and Max discovers her friend is now a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair.

Last week, viewers were treated to a cover of Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman," which in the Monarch universe is a Dottie Roman Cantrell (played by Susan Sarandon) hit, not a Twain staple. The real-life singer even makes a cameo appearance to tap this point home (the "B" word is used, it's sassy) before she sings a fictional song called "Dixie Kitten" to tribute the country family matriarch.

The next musical performance is Nicky rehearsing "Breathe" by Faith Hill, and subsequent covers include her performance of "Kerosene" by Miranda Lambert and Albie and Gigi's (Trace Adkins, with Ditto) version of Willie Nelson's "Always on My Mind." Tanya Tucker makes a cameo and sings her own "Delta Dawn" after a scene in a boutique that ends with Gigi storming out, boots in hand.

An original song called "God Knows" and a Spanish language cover of another called "The Brambles" also dot Ep. 3, "Show Them Who You Are Baby." At times, Cliff Notes are needed for Monarch, as it's edited at the speed of a Dude Perfect video. No one will ever complain that the show is boring, however. Here is a short and probably incomplete recap of the action that filled the hour on Fox:

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City of Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson joins the show to tell us more about the Kingston Economic Recovery Team (KERT). We discuss the team's origin story, accomplishments and plans moving forward. We'll also reveal the secret to Mayor Paterson's endless energy!

Fire and Blood, the book on which House of the Dragon is based, took place over 300 years. To cover much of that ground, the show needs to get a move on: Episode 3 is set three years after the events of episode 2. You'll recall in that episode King Viserys Targaryen announced to the Small Council his intention to marry Alicent Hightower. Now King Viserys and Queen Hightower have a son, Aegon, and as episode 3 opens we see scenes from Aegon's second birthday celebrations.

Not long after the Cordyceps pandemic outbreak, survivalist Bill (Nick Offerman) discovers an uninfected stranger, Frank (Murray Bartlett), caught in one of the traps he's set outside his fortified home town. After reluctantly helping Frank out of the hole and giving him a fine meal of rabbit and Beaujolais in his home, Frank gleefully but courteously wanders over to Bill's piano and starts flipping through the stash of sheet music. Ditching several unappetising composers, he settles on The Best of Linda Ronstadt. 041b061a72




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