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Always in vogue, a blouse can easily shift from relaxed, to smart-casual, to formal wear. Our wide selection of luxury fabrics for blouses in classic white, elegant dark, animal print or graphic floral printed silks, organic cotton and broderie anglaise fabrics means your what-to-wear conundrums are over.

buy blouse material online

A saree blouse (also known as a saree pallu) is the fabric wrapped around your torso to cover your chest and is an essential part of a saree ensemble. If you're going to be wearing sarees often, you need to know about different types of saree blouse materials. The right kind of blouse fabric can make all the difference when it comes to looking great in sarees.

  • Going for unstitched fabric material over readymade material has a lot of advantages. If you are choosy, you will always be satisfied with readymade material as some of its aspects will be outside your interests and requirements. On the other hand, unstitched fabric material will be just like a well-designed dress, but it won't be stitched. You can make changes to it and sew it as per your requirements. Hence, it is better to choose unstitched fabric material over readymade material.Types of Blouse Materials for Designer SareesSilk: Silk is a popular choice for saree blouses. It is a luxurious material for wedding sarees and other special occasion outfits. This fabric is usually costly so it may be a better option for special occasions rather than regular wear. Silk blouses are more delicate and fragile than other materials, so you must be extra careful when wearing them. To avoid stains and tears, keep a clean blouse and be extra cautious around water and dirt.

  • Cotton: Cotton is a common choice for everyday wear as it is versatile and easy to care for. It is usually quite affordable and an excellent option for daily wear if you want something simpler and more affordable. Cotton blouses can be machine washed and dried, so they make a perfect option for busy people who only have a little time to hand wash and dry their clothes.

  • Georgette: Georgette is a lightweight and sheer fabric that is often used for saree blouses. This material is excellent for showing off some skin and letting the saree underneath show through. Georgette blouses are lightweight and are, therefore, suitable for all seasons.

  • Organza: Organza is a particular type of sheer fabric that is very delicate and beautiful. It is often used for blouses that need to be extra fancy and ornate. Since organza is a delicate fabric, it is usually unsuitable for daily wear. Instead, it is generally worn for special occasions and fancy events.

  • Net - Net is a popular choice for blouses that need to be more fancy and ornate. This material is often very delicate, so it is usually unsuitable for daily wear. Instead, it is often worn for special occasions and fancy events.

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