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Pin fok chun kei movie in italian dubbed download

Pin fok chun kei (The Legend of the Bat) is a 1984 Hong Kong TV series based on the wuxia novel The Legend of the Bat by Gu Long. It stars Miu Kiu-wai as Chor Lau-heung, a martial arts hero who investigates a series of mysterious murders involving a bat-shaped weapon. The series also features Chan Wing-chun as Wu Tie-faa, Chor's love interest, and Cheung Ying-choi as Emperor Qianlong, who becomes Chor's friend and ally.

The series was well-received by audiences and critics for its action, romance, mystery, and humor. It was also praised for its faithful adaptation of the novel and its high production values. The series won several awards, including Best Actor for Miu Kiu-wai and Best Drama Series at the 1985 TVB Anniversary Awards.


If you are a fan of Pin fok chun kei and want to watch it in Italian, you may have some difficulty finding a dubbed version online. According to our web search results, there are no official Italian dubbed versions of the series available for streaming or download. However, there are some unofficial fan-made versions that you can try to find on some websites or torrents.

One possible website that you can visit is [r/italianlearning], a subreddit for people who want to learn Italian. There, you can find a post by a user who asked where to find Italian dubbed movies, TV series, or cartoons. Some of the comments suggested some websites that offer live or archived Italian TV channels, such as [] and []. You may be able to find Pin fok chun kei on one of these channels if you are lucky. However, you may need to use a VPN to access some of these websites if you are not in Italy.

Another possible option is to use a torrent site that has a large collection of Italian movies and shows. One such site is [TNTVillage], which is a famous Italian tracker that is sadly down now. However, you can still access its archived torrents from [this link]. There, you can find thousands of torrents of Italian movies and foreign movies/shows/cartoons that are dubbed in Italian. You may be able to find Pin fok chun kei among them if you search for it by its original title or its alternative title (Chu liu xiang de bian fu chuan qi). However, you may need to use a torrent client to download the files and a media player to play them.

We hope that this article has helped you find some ways to watch Pin fok chun kei in Italian. However, we cannot guarantee the quality or legality of these sources, so please use them at your own risk. We also recommend that you support the original creators of the series by buying or renting the official DVDs or Blu-rays if they are available in your region. Thank you for reading and enjoy watching Pin fok chun kei!




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