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Best Place To Buy Car Detailing Supplies BEST

Taking good care of your car is worth it. Regular washing and detailing not only makes the car nicer to drive but can also help your car retain thousands of dollars in value down the road. This guide includes pro tips and recommended supplies for the average do-it-yourselfer who wants to make their car look its best without a lot of time, hassle, or expense.

best place to buy car detailing supplies

Before joining Wirecutter as its autos editor, Rik Paul, who wrote the initial version of this guide in 2016, was the automotive editor for Consumer Reports, where he edited car and car-accessory reviews, and the senior feature editor for Motor Trend, where he wrote a monthly car-care column. For this guide, he drew on his 25-plus years of personal experience maintaining and detailing his own vehicles and using many of the supplies included here.

For the latest update, Wirecutter staff writer Thom Dunn built on that work and put in another 25 hours researching the latest supplies, scouring forums, and speaking with detailing pros and avid hobbyists, following that with 35 hours of testing dozens of items on several different cars.

If you want to learn from the pros and receive tips and tricks on how to give your car the ultimate DIY detailing using our range of products, check out our How-To Videos or Detailed Guides. They offer an abundance of helpful information to show you how to get the best results every time.

Tri Star is the best place to buy supplies for auto detail, auto paint, and auto body products in the Sacramento area. Tri Star Auto has been serving the automotive industry since 1987, priding itself on a broad selection of quality auto detail, paint, and auto body supplies. Our clients consistently rate us the best customer service of any PBE Jobber in California.

As GYEON USA we bring GYEON, a global leader in ceramic coatings and detailing products directly to the USA. The GYEON detailing products line up is at the top of its class. It mixes highly technical product construction with easy to use formulas and exciting packaging that makes the detailing experience fun from start to finish. Nothing was left out of the product offering. So whether you are a DIY enthusiast detailer who loves keeping your pride and joy looking its best or a professional detailer looking for the perfect product line to support your business, GYEON USA has you covered.

I would like to thank Detailed Image for their support of SweetCars detailing. It's been great to have you guys as a supplier of great quality products to help us in providing the very best for our clients. We're proud of having been chosen by Dupont Registry to join some of DI's famed blog writers and detailers to become part of the top 20 detailers in North America. Thanks! We couldn't of done it without your support!! Thanks to everyone at Detailed Image.

I want to take a minute to thank Detailed Image for their support of Deep Blue Detailing. I have purchased supplies from other "major sites" in the past and all I have ever received is a generic reply e-mail "thanking me for my business." When I first came across DI I only placed a couple of orders before Reece reached out to me to invite me to join DI's wholesale program. I am a small sole-proprietorship and have only been in business for less than two years. I have inquired about wholesale with other companies but have always either been given the run around or told I have to have a large initial purchase and subsequent "minimum purchases." The way DI has their wholesale program set up is ideal for a small business like mine-no minimum orders-just a yearly purchase minimum. It has really given me flexibility and I don't have to sit on excess inventory for long periods of time! Customer support is outstanding and I have even inquired about adding products to DI's portfolio and they said they would absolutely do that for me if needed. A+ organization and glad to be doing business with them!

I LOVE this company. They have so much knowledge on their website for detailers to digest and they do their best to give back to the industry as much as they possibly can. They also have a wide variety of products in one place. This makes it so much easier on the business owner to accomplish these purchases.

I want to start off by saying that this is one of the best detail orientated websites I have found so far in my journey of being a professional auto detailer. Y'alls customer service and knowledge of each and every product is outstanding. The community that surrounds this website is also amazing so many nice people just trying to help each other out. That is why I would love to join the affiliate program and help promote your business to my clients. I have many clients that love to keep care of their cars and always ask where I get my chemicals from and I always tell them from Detailed Image because this is the only place I go to now for all my detailing needs. I always recommend them to go to y'all's website and search up the specific item they are asking about.

After placing a few orders with y'all and only having one item damaged (probably just the shipping), I would like to say you guys have some really excellent customer service. Very fast in response and it's much appreciated on the replacement. One of the best companies I've had to deal with.

Detailed image is the best place to get your products from. Don't waste your time dealing with the other guys or amazon. I've been there and done that and somehow a couple guys from New York are able to out preform amazon on shipping speed and customer service. I run a shop and two mobile detail units and I've decided to only buy from DI. They ship fast, answer any emails right away and take care of you! I had a few technical problems with PayPal and they were able to resolve the issue on a Sunday night! It is definitely worth buying from these guys. They have passion with detailing and helping fellow detailers.

The products I'm able to get from DI are always in stock and what I use for my detailing services. Great to have a one stop shop for sure. I would say 95-97% of what I use DI has available. If you want a great company, fantastic customer service, and just simply people who actually care about you as a valued customer speaks volumes. It's very hard or should I say even rare to find that in a company. You guys are the best and I will always shop from you. You've proven a couple times to me how awesome you are when I've had a few minor issues with product. Quick responses, sometimes even after hours emails and more. You can't go wrong with Detailed image.

Detailed Image is the BEST place to shop online!! I have never had a problem with them. Best customer service anywhere. I recently ordered something and wanted to change some of the products in the order last min. And they didnt even ask questions or hesitate to help me out! AND the order ships fast!!! Ive never ordered anything online and got it in so quickly. I will do all of my online detailing shopping here from now on. AND NO, im not getting paid to say this...this is all real. Im happy with the service! You have to use DI. Dont waste your time anywhere else!!!

Your company has the best customer service and support out there, which is better than Amazon. I had to spend almost an hour chatting online with their customer service representative about the wrong product they shipped me on one order and a missing item on another order. Their resolution was not as good as yours. You have gained a loyal customer from me and I will keep ordering more from your store. I am learning detailing now on my own vehicles and might turn it into a hobby business when I get better!

This is THE best company on the internet to order from for your detailing supplies. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced in any online retailer in any feild. I had a slight issue and Reece was right on top of it and fixed it within 3 minutes....thats not an exaggeration! They are great and there prices are the best and shipping is the fastest. A+++++++

Thank you guys for such a quick processing and delivery of my order. I still can't believe this was done in 2 days, as I have bought many items over the internet and never had anything come this quickly. Your website is the best I have seen. Having the shipping information based on when order is placed on the upper part of the screen is revolutionary to me. As far as the products go the Brinkmann LED light works fantastic and was an excellent recommendation from your professional team forum. I was up to midnight last night using it with great results, the car hood finish is now perfect and I am very pleased. Hope to do business with you in the near future and very much enjoy reading/learning from the articles on your forum.

DI is my FAVORITE site because you guys have the best prices (even without wholesale!) in comparison to other sites and your Detailing Guide and Ask a Pro Blog are so addicting. You provide so much information for at home detailers like me that I buy all your stuff! Thanks for the great customer service and I look forward to gaining wholesale status so I can continue to develop my passion for automotive detailing for my family's cars and also for my clients' cars!

Hello, first let me start off by saying how impressed I am with the DI customer service. Its very rare to see a company that truly cares for its customers. I have placed two orders with DI since aquiring my 2005 G35 a couple of months ago, and I have been equally as impressed with both the products and the customer service of DI. I am new to detailing, and your tutorials, blogs, and website has helped me out very much. Like I said, its rare to see a company that truly cares for its customers the way you guys do.

I discovered Detailed Image last winter while searching for a way to wash my car in the winter. That's when I stumbled upon ONR. I read all of the how-to articles and Ask a Pro blogs. As soon as it got warm I placed my order and got started on my first complete paint correction and I've been hooked ever since. DI took my level of detailing to heights I never imagined. My work is the result of your great site, top of the line products and great prices, and informative articles. And thanks to all the authors who take the time to contribute to the Ask a Pro blog as I know how much extra time it takes to document your work. Thanks again. 041b061a72




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